No one immune to the rule of law: US told

Staff reporter

The United States Embassy in Zimbabwe has been rebuked and reminded that Zimbabwe is a sovereign country that upholds the rule of law and that no one is immune to the processes of law, regardless of their political affiliation.

This follows a tweet posted by the US Embassy claiming that Government has harassed Joanna Mamombe, Netsai Chimbiri and Netsai Marova.

“What is the Government saying to its own people?’ it has been one year since three women were abducted from police custody and tortured by unknown assailants.  One year of Government harassing the victims. One year of perpetrators remaining free.

“We urge authorities to fully investigate and bring the perpetrators to account under the independent legal process without punishing the victims,” read the post.

The trio has continued to purposefully ensure that trials are dragged on indefinitely, delaying the law processes by continually faking mental illness just to draw attention to the country.

Speaking during a bail hearing, Harare provincial magistrate Mrs Vongai Guwuriro said the trials were not opening to bring finality to the case because the trio continues to throw spanners.  

“As long as the first accused continues playing the mental incapacity game on one hand and committing further crimes on the other and gets freed on bail, it will remain a hurdle for the proper administration of justice.

“This is a typical case in which the administration of justice in general and the courts in particular are being sold a dummy by the accused.  Clearly the trio is dribbling the administration of justice, but the court must be able to see beyond that veil of deceit,” said Mrs Guwuriro.”

Meanwhile, twitter has been blown off the handle with netizens attacking the US Embassy in Harare for implying that Government is targeting the trio.

Christopher Mutsvangwa defended the processes of Zimbabwean law, exposing the staged stunt by the trio as a failed attempt to get the country on the international agenda.

“It’s quite evident that Nelson Chamisa misled these youths in totality!! Zimbabwe has nothing to answer to the international community, we are an independent country which upholds its rule of law,” Mutsvangwa said.

Delante Wevhu, rubbished the US Embassy’s claims, clearly stating the events that led to the arrest of the trio.

“First of all, those girls were fake stagers and you funded them, so stop wasting your breath lying to us.  Any grade one child could tell it was an act, even Eddie Cross said it was a stunt to get the attention of the media.  We know what you did in Libya and Egypt,” Delante said.

Another netizen identified as @Fuzzy_y_goo, advised the US to first deal with its own mess back home before meddling in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.

“We urge the US authorities to fully investigate the callous murder of Lindani Myeni by Honolulu Police on 19 April 2021.  The family demands closure,” demanded @Fuzzy_y_goo

Furthermore the US has been advised to investigate Israel for war crimes. “And when are you going to investigate Israel for war crimes?  Oh sorry! You give them US$3billion each year to murder Palestinians. You have no moral ground to speak. Stay out of our politics, Zimbabwe will not bend backwards for any oppressor leave and see if you will be missed,” Delante concluded.

Clearly the US Embassy is painstakingly trying to use the arrest of the trio to attack, embarrass and put the Zimbabwean Government on the international agenda for violation of Human Rights; perhaps it should look in the mirror.