Elijah Chihota

The new dispensation under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has committed itself to resuscitating the country’s economy and re-engage with the international community in order to end the country’s nearly two decades of isolation. This is being done under the “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” strategy which has seen the President visiting a number of countries in a bid to woo potential investors to pour capital into the country’s economy, but the MDC under the leadership of Nelson Chamisa has decided to frustrate the progress made so far by calling for mass protests in the typical MDC lingo - kuzvidira jecha.

By Bernard Mutambudzi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called for a national dialogue with all political parties as well as civic leaders. He revealed this when he touched down at Robert Mugabe International airport yesterday evening.

By Christopher Makaza

Citizens have negatively responded to MDC leader Nelson Chamisa`s tweet where he was urging people not from his party to observe moral values and that the right to demonstrate should be highly respected.

by John Moyo

The Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe National Army’s timely intervention in the violent demonstrations that rocked Zimbabwe from 14th -16th January 2019 was critical in saving the situation that had gotten out of hand, if the extent of property destruction and looting that happened during the period is anything to go by.

by Chrispen Chebundo 

In the face of widespread media reports and commentary condemning the military and police responses to the violence unleashed on innocent citizens last week by some local and international bodies that claim to serve ‘human rights’, one story that has remained untold or conveniently ignored is the great restraint shown by the security forces in the face of extreme provocation and threat to life. This saved hundreds of lives.

by Bernard Mutambudzi.

Normalcy has returned in Harare and most suburbs surrounding the central business district (CBD) today, with people from all walks of life resuming their daily routines in jovial mood.