MDC ‘mega’ demo flops

By Claver Nyuki in New York

In what has become a predictable trend in recent times, the MDC’s much publicized demonstration in New York against President Emmerson Mnangagwa has turned out to be a monumental flop as Diasporas snubbed the demo with only a handful turning up.

The MDC dispatched its Deputy Organising Secretary, Happymore Chidziva to New York to mobilise and contact the demonstrations and he would be expecting other questions upon his return as to why the demo failed.

An MDC member who spoke to Harare Post on condition of anonymity revealed that Chidziva was perplexed as to why people did not turn up for the demo.

“Only a handful of demonstrators pitched up for the MDC demonstrations, about 33 people to be exact against the anticipated 500 people.

“Cde Bvondo (Chidziva) does not understand why people did not turn up as comparing to the ZANU PF supporters and the D12 movement which came in their numbers for their anti-sanctions protests.

“Cde Bvondo now fears a backlash when he returns to Zimbabwe as it is believed he was given enough money by the party to organize a successful demonstration,” he said.

The MDC is fast running out of ideas and its members are becoming disoriented with the leadership which has come to rely only on demonstrations in the fight against ZANU PF.

“These demonstrations do not work, its time our leaders come up with tangible ideas and plans to remove ZANU PF.

“The party should be visible on the ground and offer the electorate an alternative rather than to bank on people getting tired of ZANU PF.” Another foreign based MDC member fumed.

The MDC demonstration in New York adds to the narrative that the Nelson Chamisa led party is working tirelessly in attracting international attention on Zimbabwe in a bid to scupper the re-engagement efforts by President Mnangagwa and Government.