Zimbabwe anti-sanction demonstration gets traction at UNGA

By Elijah Chihota

Pro-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe groups led by the fearless December 12 Movement invaded the United Nations grounds this afternoon calling for the unconditional removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

The December 12 Movement has been instrumental in supporting Zimbabwe for a long time owing to shared strong Pan- Africanist views.

“For several years, we supported Zimbabwe during the Chimurenga...we provided supplies to the liberation struggle,” said D12 Movement member, Roger Wareham.

Zimbabwe delayed reclaiming the land until the rest of the African continent was free and led the land redistribution exercise to economically empower the people and complete the struggle.

“We think Zimbabwe is the model for what Africa should be doing, Zimbabwe stood for African independence,” added Wareham.

A Zimbabwean living in Detroit in the United States, Simba Mujuru created time off his busy schedule to march in solidarity with Zimbabweans and calling for the removal of sanctions.

“I came all this way to support the President because I believe in the land reform and the land drives me. It’s our land. (Government did nothing wrong) to give us what is rightfully ours and to defend what’s ours,” said Mujuru.

Zimbabwe was punished by the United States after embarking on the land reform programme which saw the redistribution of rich agricultural land from a few white farmers to the majority of Zimbabweans. SADC has also put its weight behind Zimbabwe and set 25 October 2019 as the date to take the country’s cause to the international community.