Belgium Chamber of Commerce set to visit Zimbabwe

By Rudo Saungweme        

Zimbabwe`s engagement and re-engagement policy is proving to be a success as more and more investors from across the world are willing to invest in Zimbabwe.

In a recent development, Belgium Chamber of Commerce has indicated that it is going to have a Trade and Investment Mission to Zimbabwe from 21 to 26 January 2019.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is on record emphasising the policy of engagement and re-engagement saying that Zimbabwe attracts a number of investors because it has vast natural resources.

Speaking during the China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)summit held early September this year ,President Emmerson Mnangagwa said, “To those who have put sanctions on us, we are extending our hand of friendship, we are saying let us re-engage with those who have not engaged with us before and re-engage with those who have disengaged with us and work together, let us dialogue around those issues, but beyond that as Zimbabweans we are saying what potential, what resources do we have so that we exploit them to grow our economy rather than say let us cry for those who have imposed sanctions on us to remove them.”

Director of Sub-Saharan Africa at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Smets once said that his Government sees Zimbabwe as one of the countries that Brussels could conduct business with. A number of countries are showing interest to invest in Zimbabwe indicating that the country has vast resources that can turnaround the economy.

Private investors from Africa also indicated that they are planning to undertake a separate Trade Mission to Zimbabwe from 21 to 23 November 2018. Bert Verstraete, a supplier of hatching poultry eggs also from Belgium indicated that he is willing to invest and partner Zimbabwean companies.